Monday, May 01, 2006

Monday Morning funny pages

I remain committed to sharing all the best stuff I can find from the funny pages. Many of you respond well to the gems of editorial humor that you find here at Lassiter Space.

This one here( by Jeff Stahler of the Columbus Dispatch) is of course a less-than-affectionate spoof on President Bush's recent comments defending his embattled Defense Secretary, Donald (chickenhawk) Rumsfeld.

"I am," Bush declared emphatically, "the decider! And I decide what's best and what's best is having Don Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defense."

But getting back to the gist of this comic, I laugh because of all the goofy things President Bush has muttered in the past, the "decider" quip was--to my mind-- actually quite endearing. But this is not to suggest that I am not looking towards election day(when the Republican stragety for America will end) with eager anticipation.

On that day, fellow Americans we'll decide.

The Bush Administration is driving America into the ground. The republican Congress is driving the economy into the tank.

Personally, I've already decided.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait either Jay. What a joyous day when America next goes to the polls to take back the country from the near dictatorship we find ourselves in now.

We must all work hard toward that end.


P.S. RE: how I am doing..... Pretty good today thank you for asking Jay.

KarmaCake said...

The best line was from Jay Leno suggesting that perhaps Gee Double-ya keeps Rumsfeld on as he's lower in the polls than the prez.

Being popular by association is all he has these days.

Tell me again how he got voted in for a second term? When that was announced I heard for the first time the echo of a world shuddering.

Granny said...

Fro some reason, word verification is messing up on your later post (about addiction). Anyone who has looked at granny knows I'm a recovered alcoholic.

No rehab, just walked into AA 26 years ago and stayed. Your counselor was right; I think most of us were looking for the easier, softer way. It doesn't work.

Keep on keeping on.

jay lassiter said...

i totally disabled the word verification thing.
such a pain in the ass!