Friday, May 12, 2006

May 16th fast approaching

Next Tuesday May 16th is my birthday*. Yup, after 17,870,400 minutes on planet earth (most of them running my mouth...) I'll turn 34. That doesn't sound too old does it? Thankfully I am still way too young for President Bush's Medicare part D Drug plan for seniors.

Speaking of which, the deadline to enroll for drug benefits is also May 16. So while I'm blowing out candles on my strawberry shortcake, many folks will be fretting over picking a new drug plan.

You can tell a lot about a society by how they treat their elders. Our president should be ashamed. Don't believe me? Ask your grandmother. Would it be so bad to live in a country that gave free perscriptions medication to everyone over say, I dunno, sixty? Don't you think society would be better with those types of priorities?
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* wanna make my birthday extra special? Wondering what to get the blogger who has everything? How about a donation to the democratic candidate for Congress here in my district? His name is Rich Sexton and I would be proud if he were my voice in Washington. I've set up a donation page that makes givin' easy.


Granny said...

I'm trying to get a Governor elected here in a hot Dem primary. I can live with either one but one is much better (and less of an old guard politician) than the other.

Elsa said...

Happy early Birthday! And 34 doesn't sounds old at all...especially when I'm looking at the big 4-0 later this year - yikes! But on the bright side, I still have a several years to sign up for the new prescription drug plan - which means I have a few years to decipher this plan! And it might just take that long!

Granny said...

If I only had a brain. Completely forgot the Happy Birthday part of the comment.

konagod said...

Happy Birthday -- a bit late.

I was looking at your profile. Gee, a fan of Strangers With Candy (I can't wait for the movie) and "World Atlas" is one of your favorite books! I thought I was the only freak on the planet who would list that on my public profile as my favorite book!