Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sex, Drugs, and NRP

Catchy title, huh?

I always thought "Sex Drugs & NPR" would be a great name for someone's memoirs. The title might accurately describe chapter 8 of my autobiography, but certainly not the whole book. But I digress.

I am an NRP junkie. (For the uninitiated, that's National Public Radio.) I have NPR on every radio in every room of my house. You might call me a bona fide NPR-geek. I've heard worse.

Tomorrow is the pledgedrive for my local station (WHYY) and I signed up to answer the phones for the duration of pledgeweek. I'll be a pimp among pimps. And I can't wait.

Terry Gross' venerable interview show "FreshAir" is produced out of WHYY in Philly. I should note that FreshAir is the most popular non-news NPR show on the radio, heard by many millions each day. More popular than Car Talk? Youbetcha. American Idol? Sorry, Terry (see pic.) Anyway, for NRP freaks like myself, Terry Gross is a big celebrity. Simply put, I ADORE HER!

While I am down at the WHYY this week, I'll have my recording gear. Naturally I'm hoping Terry and other WHYY talent will walzt through "pledge-central" where all of the volunters will (hopefully) be dutifully answering phones. My fantasy is to get a quote from Terry Gross for the blog.

"Terry, for WHYY members pledging at a 1,000,000 level, would you be willing to go to their homes and clean while wearing a French maid's outfit?" Let me know if you can think of a better question.

I also hope that they'll say "Blogger Jay from Lassiter Space" on the air. I'm a sassy media whore, I'm guessing it'll happen. Hey, why not?


Gwyn said...

Good luck getting your quote! I think Terry is the bomb, too.

Sharon GR said...

Love FreshAir. WHYY- and for music, WXPN- are my favorite radio stations. Long live public radio!
Good for you for volunteering.

Anonymous said...

I agree, NPR is the best, balanced station online. I listen everyday. I never knew what Terri Gross looked like, now I do. Cool.


Granny said...

Good luck. We just started receiving NPR here. Fresno was too far away for decent reception.

Phats said...

haha you're gonna totally think i am dumb, I had no clue what NPR was until like 3 yrs ago when a friend told me. I am one of those oddballs you see at lights dancing and singing to my tunes :)

augustknight said...

I am soooooooo embarrassed that I don't give more to NRP. It is hard wired into all my radios. I know that these programs aren't cheap. I also know that Terry Gross is one hell of an interviewer. Sean Hennity couldn't carry her French maid costume on his best day. Good for you and shame on me. I will have to part with a few bucks, you got your first pledge.

Mamma tveggja pjakka said...

Just wanted to say hi! I saw you left a comment on my blog! Many Thanx!
Fred in Iceland, the niceland

MAC! said...

I would blow up my radio if it wasn't for NPR.

But really...would I WANT Terry Gross to clean my house while wearing a little French maid's outfit?

Only if she talked while doing it...oh, that voice! LOL

jay lassiter said...

I didn't see terry but i did see marty moss coane who was delightful and charming.
Honestly i can't do without marty of terry.

MAC! said...

P.S. I heard you mentioned during a pledge break, by the way. David Rubenstien was listing the people answering phone and he said..."and Jay's here."

A wee bit short of your hoped for "Blogger Jay from Lassister Space," but noteworthy, never-the-less.