Friday, May 26, 2006

Freedom isn't free....but it isn't dom, either.

Click here to hear TAPS. It is a suitable backdrop while contemplating what Memorial Day is really all about.
This holiday commemorates U.S. men and women who died in military service for their country.

What will you be doing to commerate the day?

Here in the Philly area, we have an amazing tribute to soldiers who have given their lives in war. And while the casusalies of Vietman, WWII, Korea, et al will be on our minds and in our hearts, it's the Iraq War dead who will be the focus of our efforts this weekend. We will be assembling tombstones (see pic from last year's event) on the Constitution Center lawn, right across from the Liberty Bell. One for each of the Iraq War fallen.

This MEMORIAL DAY weekend, the unfortunate mathematics indicate we will be approaching 2,500 Killed in Action. Our Mission is to help folks realize these are 2,500 friends, neighbors, EMT workers, teachers, relatives, cops, teamsters, co-workers, loved ones, etc...

In other words, 2,500 is a lot more than just a number.


Ben Heller said...

Keep going with your great blog


Phats said...

Hi Jay
No plans here on memorial day, but i'll be sure to thank a vet.

You in a suicide pool for the french open?

Truthspew said...

Wow - haunting to hear Taps again. The only reason is that when we buried my paternal grandfather who I thought was a saint at the time, he had full military honor including 21 gun salute and taps.

The old Master Sergeant was laid to rest in 1992. I found out some years later that he probably didn't deserve the respect I had for him. Oh well. But Taps still haunts me.

Both my grandfathers served in World War II, and my paternal grandfather served in Korea and Vietnam. So I'm very aware of the sacrifices made.

As for my plans - we're probably going to do a get together with friends from the office and maybe the Sec State himself. Should be interesting.

Sharon GR said...

2500 is 2500 too many.

Just like many folks across Our Fair Country, I have a relative in Iraq that I hope and pray doesn't get added to that statistic. Every time I think of him over there, and his wife, kids, siblings and parents over here, I remember that each number represents a life and all that a person touches.

2500 is 2500 too many.

Schadenfreude said...

2500 is indeed 2500 too many. And when I think about the greater number of wounded -- and by wounded I mean maimed, paralyzed and those with amputated limbs -- that for me is when the real tragedy sets in. The least we can do is remember this day.

Elsa said...

What a great tribute. I think sometimes people forget that there are people behind the numbers...2,500 people...sons, daughters, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, friends, etc.

Granny said...

And still no end in sight. And for what?

Worried said...

Those are our children, the sons and daughters of America. Individually they are the children of their parents; collectively they are our own, the flesh and blood of America.