Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I get the scoop from Democratic Congressional Candidate Rich Sexton

Through the course of the campaign, I have gotten to know Rich Sexton a bit and more and more I like what I see. He's articulate, passionate and razor sharp. And I would be proud to have him representing me in Washington.

My favorite line from the new Rich Sexton Podcast:
"Jim Saxton gets a lot of credit for keeping those bases (Mc Guire and Ft. Dix) open, but the people who are keeping the bases open are the people in uniform"
Click to play:

My other favorite line from the new Rich Sexton Podcast:
When the Democrats take back Congress in November 2006 and are sworn in in January 2007, we've got a lot of work to do."
So here's the deal, click over to the new Rich Sexton Podcast and have a listen. It's full of good nuggets from our Democratic candidate!

And while the podcast is downloading consider this: I have lived in Cherry Hill NJ for three years and I deserve a more honorable voice in Congress than a Bush lapdog like Jim Saxton.


Granny said...

Good luck Jay.

The Phoenix said...

Hold the presses...

Did you say it's going to be a Sexton vs. Saxton race come November???

Oh're going to have some very confused voters.

jay lassiter said...

sex is always better than sax!