Thursday, May 04, 2006

Divided States of America

I reluctant to espouse my fantasies on here, but when I saw this comic, I knew it belonged on the blog.
I hate the how polarized this country has become in the last 5 years. Honestly, the idea of the United States disolving along red and blue lines seems an increasingly more likely (and savory) outcome.

Would I be sentimental if states likeMississippi and South Dakota were no longer a part of my homeland? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

And if you think about it, the notrthern liberal blue states would stand to gain economically by the new arrangement I describe. After all, the blue states put a lot more money into the federal treasury than they take out. In fact, for every dollar my liberal state of New Jersey puts into the federal treasury, we get sixty cents back from Washington. Alabama and Tennessee for example put in a dollar and get back nearly double that. Let's face it, liberals are bankrolling the backward policies of the red states.

People in conservative red states hate us and resent our values. I can't say I feel any differenly about them.

So why not make it official and get a divorce already?
(Image courtesy of Ed Stein)


Granny said...

Some of us out here (CA) have been muttering about secession for years. I guess we could make room for New England and most of the Mid-Atlantic.

The Phoenix said...

To be honest, I am truly an independent. Because our country has become so polarized, so many have criticized me for this and said that I'm being indecisive or just plain apathetic.

I find that these people that blindly go full liberal or total conservative are the ones that are lost. It's almost like political fundamentalism. And to me, it's absolutely whacked-out.

Come on, even liberals have to look at Hillary Clinton and say NO WAY.

jay lassiter said...

The Phoenix is right: I look at Hillary and i think NO WAY!

Anonymous said...

Hey umm I am a red state and I don't hate ya :) You used to be a red state!

Phats said...

haha sorry I thought I was logged in and hit publish, that was me anonymous

Godwhacker said...

Hey Jay,
I agree with The Phoenix. I'm an independent/libertarian. I want government out of my bedroom and out of my bank account. I can simultaneously support gay marriage (something most Democrats consider too liberal), and a limited government with lower taxes (like a Republican before they became drunk on the power of Washington).

In that way, I am red and blue ~ which as we all know equals purple.

Worried said...

I have read in several articles that several red states are tending towards defection from the whole.

I have also read that a number of the deceived and brainwashed church leaders have "seen the light" and are pulling away from the CC and RR. Perhaps there is hope yet. But even though Pat Robertson has lost a little, he is still a force to be reckoned with, and other forces have stepped into positions of leadership.

These religious (?) leaders command a large voting bloc, especially in the south and the bible belt. They have the congregants and pastors deluded about a Christian Nation Under God
but the sheeple do not realize what kind of "Christianity" these people espouse. The CR and ZR brand only and may God have mercy on anyone who believes differently!! (Shudder!!)

Americans need to push hard during this pre-election time and TRY to get someone in office that might actually care about the future of this country.

Thank you for your comments on Is America Burning, Jay. Granny and I welcome your input.

Truthspew said...

I would dearly love to see the northeast break away. I figure NY, NJ, CT, RI, MA, NH, VT and ME would make a nice little powerhouse.

KarmaCake said...

As a Canadian who lived through the woes of Quebec seperation, trust me when I say, seperation is a bigger financial burden then it's worth.

I think that in a world of elephants and asses, there's a need for just stronger and much more intelligent leaders to come forward.

Yes, I might not agree with the stance of Republicans and Conservatives, but, if we can elect representatives, then should we not fear what our leaders do?

For example, in Canada we recently had an election where the outcome hoisted the leader of the Conservative party as Prime Minister. However, he's only a minority government... in fact, the rest of parliament comprises of liberals, NPD and a few others like the green party.

For me, this means that there is a balance to ensure that the Conservative's views are kept in line with the general wishes of the Canadian people.

Why doesn't that work in the USA? Shouldn't it?

Truthspew said...

Karmacake - it doesn't work in the United States because business long ago learned it was only possible to bribe two parties. When you started fracturing into more parties than that it was nearly impossible for business to spread around enough cash for campaigns.

I'm wondering - could you educate me with regard to campaign finance in Canada?

jay lassiter said...

oh, canada.

The Contrarian said...

Jay, you must visit this site.

KarmaCake said...

Oh Jay, I've long estranged, and now I'm back!

Canadian party sponsorship is strictly regulated. In fact, a third party, the Auditer General (my apologies for mispellings!) is a crown appointed position trusted with keeping the best interests of the public in mind.

Therefore, political leaders can get audited and held accountable for any infringement on rules of party fundraising or otherwise.

If you want to hold office in Canada you cannot be a CEO or President of a business. You must relinquish that role. Secondly, you are only allowed to fundraise a limited amount of funds to contribute to your campaign.

We recently had a sponsorship scandel because our Auditer General uncovered some delicious details regarding the Liberals and offering exclusive contracts to businesses that contributed to their campaigns.


But, we all abide by the same rules at the end of the day. Everything is pretty much public information and we always have the crown appointed positions that are not politicians who look out to make sure the politicians play by the rules.

It's interesting to see how different we are in Canada to the US!!