Friday, January 22, 2010

New Jersey roundup Wednesday Jan 27, 2010

To revitalize its economy, Camden needs "top down" solutions to supplement the existing efforts of local resident and entrepreneurs. With Camden's Spanish-speaking population at over 40% (and rising) with city may be poor, but it's spicier than ever.

We've heard it all before, but there is optimism from Mayor Redd's office about the city's future, as well.

There's poverty here, too.

Does Passaic Mayor Alex Blanco need to work his own side of the street?

When snarky blogposts fail....

A boxed toy horse head for dual-officeholder Steven Sweeney? Not very original if you ask me.

Sticking with Senator/Senate President/Freeholder/Director Sweeney, the Courier Post editorial board is not amused with Sweeney's stubborn refusal to stick to his word on dual office holding. This article calls out Sweeney's Freeholder colleagues for tolerating it.

Haiti continued...

"For Shore Memorial ER doctor, a week of death, horror and healing in Haiti - and memories of kids' smiles."

New Jersey speaks.

Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver wants to hear from YOU! And that's why she scheduled bipartisan hearings in Trenton for feedback from residents how to improve the state.

It's hard out there for a conservative activist...

One day he's a pimp. Then he's a telephone repairman. Looks like his next roll might be as prison wife. Stay tuned.

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