Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Christmas Photos

Christmas 2007, Leonardtown, Maryland.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Lassiter price list.

  • Initial meeting/consultation with subject to prepare them for shoots+ interview.
  • One day filming at your location with my professional-grade equipment, with approximately one hour devoted to setting up and breaking down gear + manipulating the environment to achieve a perfect background.
  • 50-100 photographs, re-touched and archived for easy access that are suitable for either video or website content.
  • Professional editing of product with photos+ inclusion of titles and text.
  • Final edited package includes 5 videos, approximately one minute each.
  • Creation and maintenance of campaign's YouTube page. This includes easy access to links and embed codes for sharing videos with email universes or posting on the Internet
  • One DVD with custom case and labels of your project.
  • Travel within South Jersey

    Total Cost: $3,000

    Additional filming of subject: $100/hour or or $300 per day. This includes time spent setting up, breaking down and manipulating the environment to achieve a suitable background

    Other options:

    Facebook maintenance: $500 per month. This service includes leveraging social networks to the maximum advantage for your campaign; networking with in-district residents and providing them with GOTV info + links to campaign messages.

    Single-issue/ a la cart videos: $400.
  • Friday, February 01, 2008

    Obama Rising

    Hillary Clinton may be the Queen of the Polls, but with the concerted efforts of the Activist Class of the Netroots and Grassroots Barack Obama will score a robust share of NJ delegates on February 5th.

    If Hillary think this is in the bag, then she should pass me some of whatever she's smoking.

    It's gonna be onle heck of a tsunami super Tuesday.