Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Lassiter price list.

  • Initial meeting/consultation with subject to prepare them for shoots+ interview.
  • One day filming at your location with my professional-grade equipment, with approximately one hour devoted to setting up and breaking down gear + manipulating the environment to achieve a perfect background.
  • 50-100 photographs, re-touched and archived for easy access that are suitable for either video or website content.
  • Professional editing of product with photos+ inclusion of titles and text.
  • Final edited package includes 5 videos, approximately one minute each.
  • Creation and maintenance of campaign's YouTube page. This includes easy access to links and embed codes for sharing videos with email universes or posting on the Internet
  • One DVD with custom case and labels of your project.
  • Travel within South Jersey

    Total Cost: $3,000

    Additional filming of subject: $100/hour or or $300 per day. This includes time spent setting up, breaking down and manipulating the environment to achieve a suitable background

    Other options:

    Facebook maintenance: $500 per month. This service includes leveraging social networks to the maximum advantage for your campaign; networking with in-district residents and providing them with GOTV info + links to campaign messages.

    Single-issue/ a la cart videos: $400.
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