Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bush in Philly today

Looks like George Bush will be in the area all day today. Yay, lucky me!

First the Prez will tour a nuclear power plant in suburban Philly and try to tell us how if we don't accept his radioactive ideas then the terrorists will have won. Oy!

Later on, the Bush motorcade will head downtown to raise money for Congressmen Gerlach and Fitzpatrick at the Sheraton City Center. I wasn't invited but that's okay, I don't wanna pay $1ooo just to raise money for two incompetent Republican Congressmen or to see our incompetent president. (Naturally I'll be outside protesting loudly. Wanna join me? Be at Love Park (see pic) at 16th and JFK Blvd. at 4pm! Map)

The silver lining is this: Bush's timing couldn't be better. For Democrats, I mean.

Here's the deal. We all know Bush travels with a huge motorade which includes his massive security detail, media, local law enforcement, assistants, et al. Now, this practically guarentees traffic tie ups all over town for the entire duration of today's rushhour. And local voters will be pissed. I believe that most folks are more sensitive to being caught on Interstate 95 in a nasty traffic jam than they are to say, the Iraq War. Sad but true.

Anyway, imagine being on your way home from work and traffic is elbow-to-asshole all the way home. Thanks to the President and the Republican Comgressmen he's pimping, your commute home was a nightmare. And you're reminded of this fact every 10 minutes on the traffic report.
I reckon folks who might still be "on the fence" with Bush and his lapdog congress will have a chance to contemplate their feelings about Bush Co. while STUCK IN A TRAFFIC JAM!.

It's a perfect metaphor.


Todd and in Charge said...

The Prez did this two weeks ago in Miami, when he forced all air traffic to Fort Lauderdale airport to be delayed for almost three hours, so he could attend a fundraiser.

Truthspew said...

They didn't dare send him here to Rhode Island. They sent Pickles instead. And let me tell you, despite what the MSM showed, she didn't get much love here in Little Rhody.

Bush dare not set foot north of Manhattan. He knows his approval ratings here are the absolute lowest in the nation (Less than 25% in RI) and that he'd likely get flipped off, and not just by citizens but the cops there to 'protect' him. Seriously - if we fracture the U.S. into blue and red territory I'd love to see RI as the Capitol.

Anonymous said...

excellent jounalism, Jay!
My sympathies to all who are inconvenienced by the PR stunt. I couldn't agree more with your assessment of the state of our nation. How sad that we are stuck in a "traffic jam" of policies.

The Phoenix said...

I've been stuck in traffic jams from Clinton's visit to St. Louis, and the Bush's. It sucks.

Elsa said...

How was the protest? You get to do such cool things!

BTW, did Bush end up tying up traffic?