Wednesday, May 03, 2006

NJ Gov. Corzine urges young activists to "Take a Stand" against genocide

Gov. Corzine was in South Jersey yesterday speaking to students about genocide in the Darfur region of the Sudan. Haddonfield High senior and activist Sean Spencer invited the Governor to address the S.T.A.N.D.(students taking action now, Darfur) chapter at Haddonfield High School. And the Governor obliged, engaging with the students for several hours, which included a lenthy question and answer session.

Said Corzine, "It's so important to understand that doing nothing is wrong. Keep raising Cain with folks like me."

Courier Post:

The governor conceded it was tough for New Jersey to have a foreign policy, but the Garden State is among the leaders of a nationwide effort to divest from companies doing business in the central African nation.

The state has divested $500 million worth of investments in companies doing business there so far and expects to be completely divested in three years if ethnic strife continues in Sudan, Corzine said.

Spencer said he reached the governor through a friend and worked for five months to bring him to town to talk about Darfur.

The group built a makeshift shelter out of sticks and plastic grocery bags on the front lawn of the school to dramatize the plight of Sudanese refugees. (click photo to enlarge)

Sean Spencer: "Darfur is so far away, you can only see pictures and video and it's really hard to get a sense of what's going on... That's why we built it, so we can see what people have to live in. It's a lot more powerful that way."

Indeed. I drove the 2 miles to the school to see the sticks-n-bag hut the students had cobbled together and I must say that it was rather evocative. Especially compared to it's tony surroundings. Let's face it, Haddonfield is about the cutest damn township in the world and to see an 8 foot tall Sudanese hut right in the middle of the schoolyard made for quite the quxtaposition.

The bad news is that the killing in the Sudan continues. The good news is that there is a fresh new breed of young activists cutting their teeth while fighting genocide. The bad news is that the killing in the Sudan continues.


The Phoenix said...

I don't understand why the US gov. has turned such a blind eye to what's been happening in the Sudan. Iraqi people had it bad, but not to the degree Sudaneese people have been suffering.

Why aren't we there stopping it?

Phats said...

I agree with what phoenix said.

Hmm South Jersey, Isn't Jersey going to fall off the face of the earth due to global warming? who needs america's armpit anyway right? haha

Granny said...

My husband is from NJ - still has some of the accent.

Even if NJ just passes resolutions and watches their purchasing, it's something. Does anyone even recognize moral authority anymore?

Anonymous said...

Thank goddess for the young that see things without the cataracts of age.


Anonymous said...

Jay, How do we send chears to Sean Spencer of Haddonfield High, and offer him support for his efforts?

(And of course, how do we get him and his friends to support our peace vigils and other events?)

david k

jay lassiter said...

david, this is a good question. i think motvationg young progressives is a great thing. if we can harness their energy, we might save the world.