Monday, May 15, 2006

Venus Envy and Hoosier Nepotism

I'm in Sports Illustrated again this week writing about (what else?) women's tennis. Looks like they put me at the top of the page too. It's best to be at the very top or at the end. That way you're either framing the discussion or providing the last impression. I swear, if not for tennis and liberal politics, i'd have nothing to write about!

The tennis beat at SI is covered by Jon Wertheim who hails Evansville, Indiana which happens to also be the city of my birth. I hate to think that it's my tennis analysis and writing skills (and not Hoosier nepotism) that gets me into Sports Illustrated.


Josh Q. Public said...

hey great stuff!!! if you like sports check out

Todd and in Charge said...

Great question Jay. Jon has posted a few of my questions in the 'Bag in the past too.

On Venus in Warsaw, I'm always happy when she wins, and am happy to see her re-committing herself to tennis (unlike Serena).

But from what I read about that match, the conditions were very gusty and both players had trouble keeping the ball in play. That tends to favor a topspin baseliner like Venus more than a touch tactician like Chucky. Either way it's a good sign -- hope she shows up strong at the French.

Granny said...

Comments come in to both our mailboxes but that's Worried American's post.

I'll let her comment.

Rob said...

Jay if I'm ever in a position to hire a publicist you're getting the first call! Sports Illustrated!

Sorry about the bizarre feedback loop on My Left Wing for your Martina post. I had to respond to that comment against Martina and I don't think it did you much good. Beyond me why she provoked such a negative reaction from this person but so it goes.

Phats said...

You know what's funny I read that every week and didn't put two and two together. Sorry but I can't stand the williams' sisters! I do love Martina Hingis though, have ALWAYS had a crush on her, and she is one hell of a tennis player. Always been a Capriati, Seles, and Davenport fan too, just never liked venus and serena. Respect em, just don't care for them.

The Phoenix said...

Is Serena doing the fashion designing thing now? I hope she comes up with better stuff than those hokey boots/outfit thingy.

Venus can be a basketcase, that's for sure. But then again, at that level, it's all mental anyway.

She looks like Princess Leia in her SI pic too.

Ben Heller said...

Great stuff Jay, and I see your fame is spreading. We have the same problems with Tennis in the UK. The interest wanes when one of our players doesn't reach the final stages of a major tournament. Henman bought a lot of good publicity for the sport over here, but now his career is on the downward spiral, the interest in the sport seems to drift.

Elsa said...

Very impressive, Jay. When do you find time to sleep!?

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

if not for tennis and liberal politics, i'd have nothing to write about!"

Bet you would...;)