Saturday, June 10, 2006

BBQ,party down

I have neglected the blog a bit lately while pulling a BBQ/political fundraiser together this weekend. Here in NJ's third congressional district, we have a terrific Democratic candidate for Congress, Rich Sexton who's running against the Republican incumbent Jim Saxton. Sexton, Saxton, tomato, to-mah-to, you ask?

Hardly. First of all, Sex is always better than sax. I'm just saying....

And secondly, Jim Saxton (who raised national attention lately with a panic attack that sent Capital Hill into lockdown-mode) is a lapdog for the Bush Administration and I am profoundly ashamed and disguested that he's my voice in Congress. Jim Saxton's gotta go. The idea of a Democratic-controlled congress is very appealing to me. I am doing what I can to turn the republican tides in my district. Besides, a win in NJ-3 is a win for Democrats and progressives nationwide.

The BBQ extravaganza is tomorrow. If you can't make it, would you still consider supporting me with a small contributionto the campaign?(No amount's too modest!) I set up a webpage to accept donations to Rich's campaign so it's really easy and totally secure.

I've gotten to know Democrat Rich Sexton pretty well throughout the campaign. Since he and I share many of the same progressive values, it's natural that I'm working hard to get him elected. Wanna know more about Rich Sexton check out the podcast-able interview I did with him a month ago.


Granny said...

You're going to have to some campaigning to make sure the voters know which one is which.

Anonymous said...

I made a small contribution. Good luck, and work hard!


jay lassiter said...

Thanks, Mark!
the support feel real good. a win in NJ-3 is a won for democrats nation wide.

Granny, what district are you in?

Rob said...

Jay what your doing is exactly what Howard Dean is talking about in his 50 state strategy. You're helping Dems stretch the field in districts with entrenched GOP incumbents. Reading your post enhances my optimism that Democrats can pull this off.

I still fret that I'm mostly hearing a "culture of corruption" and "had enough?" mantra and too little about what they plan to do. I want my party to shed its timidity and state outright that they unabashedly support progressive values and are not Republican lite. Having now read up on Sexton I'm convinced he's in the mold I want. So, I after my next paycheck I'll make a contribution to his campaign.

Godwhacker said...

Yes, sex is usually better then sax, but it depends on who's doing the blowing... ;)

jay lassiter said...

i can't top that last comment!