Sunday, June 04, 2006

Inconvenient Truthiness

When Al Gore say's he's not running for the Whitehouse in 2oo8 do you believe him? I don't. But that's okay, I hope he does run. He' s a smart man and I hope he'll be my president one day. (Hopefully sooner than later.)

Anyway, I saw the former VP's hot new flick today, An Inconvenient Truth.

LOVED IT! Definitely worth the $8.

So back to my original question. Who do you think will be the democratic candidate in '08? And who would you like to see the candidate be? (i guess that's two quesions, if you'll allow....)

Is it gonna be Hillary? Al? How about Joe Biden or Wes Clark? Who are you liking?


E. Normus Johnson said...

Big Al Gore and Wes Clark. And for heavens sake, let the General do what vice-presidential candidates are supposed to do-- go after the opposition like a hungry 'gator.

Elsa said...

I think predicting presidential candidates 2 years before the election is a dangerous business - almost impossible. So many things can occur in the meantime - look at Bush's approval rating a year and a half after winning the election. Also, look at the last Democratic presidential race - there was a time there that everyone would have said Dean was going to win and thought that Kerry was definitely going to lose. Things change very quickly.

Having said that, I'm interested in Gore, Biden and Clark - and when I say interested, I mean hearing more of what they have to say and saying that so far I like what I hear. The problem I'm having with Clinton right now is that she appears to be bending...kind of like McCain going to Liberty University. The one thing I used to admire about McCain (and still do about Biden) is that he told it like it is - he was blunt and appeared an independent thinker. Also, I don't care for Clinton's vote for the war and what she has said since about it (I know Biden voted for it, but I have more respect for what he has said since and what he has proposed since.)Also, at this point, I don't know if Clinton could win in the general election - but who much can happen in 2 years.

Truthspew said...

It's looking like Hillary Clinton in which case the Repubs will definitely win.

I'd like to see a Gore/Edwards or Gore/Clark or even dare I say, a Gore/Obama ticket.

Anonymous said...

12 of us from PD of SJ saw the movie on Friday night, and handedout flyers to those interested in doing something

E. Normus Johnson said...

Hillary's position on the Iraq war is essentially untenable: that somehow invading Iraq was the right thing to do but that Bush screwed it up.

Such twaddle. The United States had no right to invade and occupy Iraq.

I don't think she gets it. No matter how much you give these folks, they'll always take more. And if after what her family's been through at the hands of these folks she doesn't have the ovaries to slap them across the face now(rhetorically speaking, of course)... doesn't have the ovaries too clean up the mess the bastards have made.


Phats said...

My vote is for Hillary! Oh wait I don't vote d'oh

Should have listened to you Venus is looking strong at the french! never know with the sisters what you're gonna get though

Jill said...

Camille Abate. ;)


Maybe 2012. :)

For 2008, it's Russ Feingold or no one. I'm getting a strong "electable"/DLC vibe from Mark Warner, which kind of sours me on him.

Biden is off my list because of two things: 1) "I like you. You're the real deal." -- said to Alberto Gonzales at the latter's confirmation hearing. 2) Support of the bankruptcy bill.

I'm taking Al Gore at his word.

If it's Hillary, I write in Feingold. The hell with them. I will not vote for anyone who's going to sell my rights down the river in the interests of furthering her/his political career. I'm not doing it in the 5th and I'm sure as hell not going to do it at the national level.

Rob said...

Hi Jay -

My two favorites are Gore and Feingold. Wesley Clark intrigues me. I DO NOT like Hillary.

Gore's movie was fantastic. I walked out of the theatre thining, "Man there sure is a lot of work to do. So what can I do?" The movie inspires one to make a difference. Saturday afternoon I rented the DVD for the "Notebook" which I'd never seen before. And Saturday night I saw Gore's movie. Between the two movies I was emotionally strung out to say the least!

Jai said...

Wes Clark is the man for 2008.

My preferred combo's are Clark/Feingold, Clark/Sanchez, or Clark/Ford.

I don't think Gore is gonna run. But if he does, I think he'll show himself to be the same Gore he was in 2000: Great guy, super smart, somewhat conservative, and lousy in front of a camera. The passion he's been inspiring lately will evaporate.

Godwhacker said...

Let me go into a little history. Reagan was president in 1980, Bush (41) was the vice, yet there was a bullet put in Reagan's chest the first year, and many of the policies were more like Bush then Reagan. I count that as 8 years of Bush. Then we got 4 more years of Bush proper 88-92. Bush was a busy man as he and Ollie North were running a country and helping out their good friends the contras out of a base in Mena Arkansas. The point man there was the governor, Bill Clinton. Clinton was not the opponent of Bush (41) but rather his hand picked successor. Then we had 8 years of Clinton, followed by 8 more years of Bush to be followed by 8 more years of Clinton! Again the Clintons and the Bushs are not opponents ~ they are partners.

Isn't Democracy Great!!! We get both kinds of presidents ~ Bushs and Clintons!!! So while I would like to see Gore, or a viable third party, I'm betting on Hilary.