Monday, June 05, 2006

Ban Gay Marriage? How About Banning Gay Uniforms

(Kvatch reports)--
While George Bush whips up the Republican base with the old gay marriage warhorse, a far more pernicious scourge lurks within our borders. Our military, the very defenders of our nation, are afflicted by the disease of gay uniforms.

Just look at these pictures and tell me you don't agree. These uniforms that could grace the cover of International Male for Pete's sake!

When President Bush speaks to the nation tonite, he shouldn't push for a ban on gay marriage, he should push for a ban on gay uniforms! Or at the very least a "don't ask, don't tell policy" on the fruity duds our troops are wearing this season.


Gary said...

OMG Jay...Where did you find that pic!

I had to link it in my post against gay marriage.

You managed to make me laugh on a day that has otherwise threatened to cause me to blow a blood vessle.


Anonymous said...

oh yeah these pretty boys love to show off with their frills.


Rob said...

Leave it to you to find the comedy in the toxic gay scapegoating Bush is desperately clinging to rally what's left of his base in Utah, Wyoming and Idaho! Great pictures! Those pictures transcend any adjectives I can come up with. For what it is worth, to paraphrase Dick Cheney I truly believe that gay bashing is in its "last throes." Those of us who are under 40 really don't get upset about gay marriage. Iraq is burning. Afghanistan imploding. The planet is becoming an inferno. Our paychecks are shrinking. So, let's bash the gays! Much easier than actually solving problems. And for any gay bashers reading Jay's blog I will simply say: "Me thinks you doth protest too much."

Granny said...

We've all led with one version or another of this today. Yours was the 2nd I've found that was hilarious.

Here is the other one.

The rest of us were far too serious for something so ridiculous.

Anonymous said...
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