Thursday, June 08, 2006

What anti-gay marriage ammendment?

After several years, thousands of American lives and hundreds of billions of dollars, Al-Zarqawi is dead. Good riddance.

But considering that Al-Zarqawi's cult of personality was ostensibly created by George Bush in the first place, I have a hard time seeing how Al-Zarqawi's death is worth all this fuss.


The Phoenix said...

Al-Zarqawi is significant since he was Osama's #2 guy and the one that was responsible for a lot of attacks and atrocities in Iraq - particularly trying to create a civil war.

I have no idea what gay marriage has anything to do with the important matters facing our country...I think Bush has adult ADD or something.

Rob said...

We can post and screen comments on blogger again!

Zarqawi ought to be frogmarched to hell. But how many Al Quaeda #2's has Bush zapped now? I've lost count. And what has it accomplished? In Zarqawi's case we've simply enshrined another icon into the Islamo-Fascists pantheon of martydom. Whewwwwww! I feel much safer now. Don't you?

Anonymous said...

You and I are of a mind on this one.

Granny said...

I won't shed any tears over him but the announcement was immediately followed by the news of another car bombing. 19 dead?