Monday, June 19, 2006

Another Bush Pantywaste!!!

North Korea is planning a missle test-launch any day now. Presumably the rocket has the range to reach the US mainland. And yet President Bush refuses to even comment on it other than to say "North Korea has imposed a moratorium on launching missiles. We hope it will continue that moratorium and we hope it also will abide by commitments it made." So while Iran is on the verge of having nukes, North Korea has missle technology to hit the US, we're up to our tits with the Iraq distraction!! Does Bush even care enough to make a substantative comment?

This latest threat from North Korean crackpot Kim Jong Il comes the very same day the deputy Secretary of State, Robert Zoellick resigned his post as America's number 2 diplomat. Curious timing you might say, especially since Zoellick was said to have a good bit of expertise in Asian affairs. So the day North Korea aims a rocket towards the United States we lose one of our top foreign policy makers, who quit for a better paying job at Goldman Sachs. He said as much. Well, that and sour grapes.

It was no secret that Robert Zoellick was pissed that he did't get the job as Treasury Secretary. Aparently the #2 job at the State Department was not enough for him and his ego. So he quit. Presumably when we needed him most. Sounds a lot like wussy to me. I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions about the values of the Bush cabinet, but clearly this Zoellick guy lacks character, leadership and balls. Kinda like the President.

Maybe it's better that Zoellick is gone. If you look around the world you see that the US is tied up in a clutch of diplomatic crises ( Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, et al. ) so clearly this guy was a hack diplomat.

Instead of leadership Bush has given us (yet) another pantywaste.

Are you scared yet?
(Image courtesy Clay Bennett)


Godwhacker said...

"Everybody's got a bomb, we can all die here today ~ before I let that happen, I'll dance my life away.

Am I scared? No, but then I don't have any sense and nothing scares me these days.

The Phoenix said...

From the very beginning, many of us have said that North Korea has always posed the imminent threat. So when we invaded Iraq, I was thinking, "Um...I think we're a bit off course."

jay lassiter said...

a bit off course, huh?
I'll say!!!