Saturday, June 24, 2006


Looks like Philippine President Gloria Arroyo has signed a law banning the death penalty in her country. Aparently, Arroyo was under pressure from the Roman Catholic Church to end capital punishment. To their credit, the Catholics have long advocated to ban the death penalty. So the new law means that the 1,2oo prisoners on death row in the Philippines will serve life-terms.

I made up my mind once and for all about the death penalty when I interviewed Kirk Bloodsworth, the first American exonerated from deathrow by DNA evidence. Check out that interview here.
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*On a much lighter note, Wimbledon starts tomorrow. The ladies in the tournament are pissed that the men get paid more prize money, even though the gal's game gets bigger TV ratings. All the other Grand Slam-tier tournaments offer equal pay, so Wimbledon's unwillingness to treat women fairly really is difficult to defend. (On the bright side, blacks are still allowed on the courts.)

In the pic, Maria Sharapova (r) and Venus Williams (r) illustrated the total prize money difference awarded by Wimbledon (£6,132,770) to male and female players in the past decade. Ahhh, life in the pink collar ghetto........
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Also on the Wimbledon front, lesbian goddess Martina Navratilova is entered in the doubles draw. She and her partner are seeded 7th. Astonishing to know that she'll be 50 this year. She won her first Wimbledon (with Chris Evert) back in 1976 which blows my mind.
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Ya'll remember the BBQ I had for Congressional Candidate Rich Sexton a few weeks ago? It was a big success and at the party we raised $1,515 for Rich's campaign to unseat a nasty republican and send a great guy to Congress. Well, thanks to the generosity of Lassiter Space readers and some contributors who didn't show, the total is now well over $2,ooo!! I am not worthy.
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Finally, did you hear the one about the chicken and the egg? Well, the chicken and egg are lying in bed. Ok, the chicken is laying there, smoking a cigarette looking totally satisfied. The egg is laying next to the chicken looking totally dejected and says to the chicken, "well, I guess we answered that question!"


Schadenfreude said...

I'd so love to be the chicken right now.

A smoke sounds soooo good.

Granny said...

That is so funny.

Phats said...

I can't wait for wimbledon it's my favorite tournament. I think it's crap the ladies don't get equal the prize money. Venus gonna defend her crown? My pick is Henin(not a fan, but she is a hell of a player, and is due for a wimbledon win) Not sure anyone can stop Federer, especially with Andy is a slump. Can't wait! :)

As for Martina, she has been also playing with Bob Bryan in the mixed, they got a real shot to win the mixed at Wimbledon. She is amazing to still be playing at such a high level, would love to see her team up with Hingis!

Have a good one

Angry said...

A country dropping the death penalty... slow progress but progress none the less.

jay lassiter said...

schad, you stop it with that wanting a cigarette. better that you stopped. as a black man in american you have enough working against you without increaqsing your rist of cancer.(wink)

Granny, yeah, i thinkit's funny too. i was worried it would come across diffferently typed rather than spoken.

Phats, we have an entire glorious fortnite to chat about wimbledon and i am so glad.

Angry, I'm angry too.

Rick Santorum said...

See? If we allow gay marriage, soon chicken-on-egg sex will be EVERYWHERE!

Todd and in Charge said...

Jay, the lame defense put up by Wimbledon officials (the guys have to play 5 setters) is ridiculous! As if these players are punching a clock.

Why not pay per ball hit?

That said, I am pysched! Go Hingis!