Monday, June 12, 2006

Sexton campaign update/Challenge to Blog readers

Yesterday's fundraiser for Congressional candidate Rich Sexton went really well. The weather was picture perfect, the food was fantastic and the company was pretty darn good too. Oh, and by the way, we also raised some cash for the campaign. At last count, we were just shy of $1,5oo.

This year in my district, we're up against a well-financed incumbent who shamelessly accepts big-ticket donations from the likes of Tom Delay and Jack Abramoff. So the Sexton campaign relies on events like yesterday's BBQ as its life blood.

Yesterday had some real intangible effects, as well. By helping Dems stretch the field in districts with entrenched GOP incumbents, we're helping with DNC chairman Howard Dean's mission to take the fight to the GOP in every district of every state in the country.

Additionally, the BBQ gave me the chance to cross-pollinate with my progressive neighbors and activists. There's a lot of frustration at our President and his rubberstamp congress. The fact is, many of us feel ashamed and disgusted with Rich Sexton's election-day rival (and GOP lapdog) Jim Saxton. And by bringing all that frustration (and energy) together--on my back porch--the grassroots had a chance to brainstorm our next steps.

I have to be honest, I hoped to raise more. My goal beforehand was $2,ooo. Don't know why I picked that figure, it just sounded like a nice, round number. I still would love to achieve the original 2k goal so I am turning to you in the blogosphere to help me out. You can still contribute and no amound is too modest. In fact, on my blog, I raised $300 in three days for the cause, mostly in $5 and $10 donations which can quickly add up. As an added inducement, for every $10 that we raise here in the blog-o-sphere, I'll donate an hour to the Sexton campaign. So it's like your donation will be working double time! If you think that sounds like a good investment, then click here, and make a small pledge.

Can you tell that everything I learned about asking for money came from listening to NPR pledgedrives....(sigh)

I never organized a fundraiser. Trying something like this was a great opportunity to cut my teeth and to get a feel for it. Next time will be even better, no doubt.

But I am still a long way from entering the furdraising pantheon of my hero and muse, Pamela Harriman whose glamorous Georgetown parties kept the Democratic coffers full during the dark days of the Reagan administration.
top pic: Me and Rich enjoy a lite moment.
second pic, Rich and Me and the O'Neills whose committment to activism is matched only by their genorosity. Joanne is the South Jersey PDA organizer and her husband Tim is always out fighting the good fight, as well.)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the success of your BBQ. (An aside: Ever notice that there is no Q in "barbecue"?) We really wish we could have been there in person, but I guess such events need all kinds of support, and I trust you got my little bit. P.S. You look great in your Blue Jersey! --Pat M.

Sharon GR said...

I must apologize again for not making it to the fundraiser. Am glad you were able to rake in the bucks and support for Sexton!

Anonymous said...

Good work Jay ..... maybe soon you will run for office.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure there are many more than a few out there saying "Did ya' ever think you'd see our (insert moniker here) organize and host a fundraiser for a congressional candidate?! Well done, "young man"...well done! Glad to lend a little support for the cause.


jay lassiter said...

thanks everyone and let's keep the momentum going!