Monday, February 20, 2006

Why I support Rich Sexton for Congress

I am running for Congress because we need strong leadership for a new course in Washington and representation for the citizens of New Jersey's 3rd District that is more in tune with mainstream America and working class families, not the hard right wing agenda from the Bush-Cheney-DeLay-Saxton team.
-Democrat Rich Sexton

Why are we in the pits in Cherry Hill NJ? You would be too if your voice in Congress was Republican Jim Saxton. Unfortuately the good people of New Jersey's 3rd Congressional district have repeatedly been let down by Congressman Saxton, whose right-wing politics seem better suited to Texas than here in moderate-to-progressive New Jersey.

Most of us are pragmatic enough that we can accept any moderate voice, whether Democrat or Republican. But voters in New Jersey were victims of a classic bait-n-switch. Jim Saxton ran under the banner of MODERATE COMPASSIONATE CONSERVATISM. What voters got instead, was a voice in Congress that is in lock step with the Bush Administration's values.

Republican Congressman Jim Saxton does not represnt the values of New Jersey's voters. One look at his voting record (click here, see for yourself) proves that Congressman Saxton is consistantly on the wrong side of everything that seems important: from education (he voted for Bush's ironically-named 'No Child Left Behind' disaster. He also voted to cut student loan programs. Twice!!) to Health care (including the goofy new drug prescription plan) to jobs (his vote sent good jobs abroad) and the environment (where do I begin there?) Jim Saxton is WRONG for our state!

Democrat Rich Sexton is a moderate voice of change for New Jersey. Not only is Rich Sexton sharp as a whip (he's a Naval Academy grad) but his values show he's got loads of heart as well! Judge for yourself:

Democrat Rich Sexton on the Ecomomy:
For a relatively few very wealthy Americans, the past five years have been the best of times but for most Americans these years have not been easy, with stagnant economic growth coupled with job losses and declining wages. (read more)

Democrat Rich Sexton on Foreign Policy:
We need a common sense approach to American foreign policy instead of the haphazard policy now in place. (read more)

Democrat Rich Sexton on Health Care:

We must make health insurance accessible and affordable for all Americans. As it now stands, over 45 million Americans have no health insurance of any type. (read more)

Democrat Rich Sexton on Education:

The Bush Administration’s massive budget deficits have forced reductions in education funding from top to bottom, and at a time when we can least afford it. (read more)

Democrat Rich Sexton on Social Security:
We must protect Social Security and we can do so by making small adjustments in the program, but we must not privatize Social Security which will destroy the most successful government program in the history of our country. (read more)
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