Monday, February 27, 2006

Liberal media, my left butt cheek!

What liberal bias? I'm ready to suggest that the media actually has a right-wing bent, a position I've held for ages. Don't believe me? Turn on Fox-TV news, where they're trying to spin Bush's lastest mis-steps into political points. Things in Iraq are great and democracy is on the march?? TRY CIVIL WAR!

I have a message to theFOX-News gang: all this time spent polishing President Bush's turds, you're bound to end up smelling like poo!
(Image courtersy of Steve Sack)


Kaitlyn said...

Oh, I'm feeding the beast alright. Took me a while, but I finaly brought myself to do it.

Orchidmaniac said...

I totally agree with you, Jay. FOX News happens to be a concervative network to begin with, but the other media stations and newspapers just go along with what this administration feeds them without researching, challenging, or checking facts. Notice how the administration calls it "sectarian violence" and not "civil war" when it is. Ariana Huffington complains about the news reporters all the time, especially Tim Russert (see I don't watch the major network news anymore for this reason.

Kaitlyn said...

Wow, what an awesomely long comment :). Thanks for that. I know that if I try hard in math and actually pay attention I can do okay, but it's just hard for me to concentrate when I work on it. It's too boring.

My parents watch Fox all the time. I tend to block it out.

David Amulet said...

There is plenty of media bias on all sides--it's the nature of reporting. There is no "unbiased" report because every reporter, anchor, producer, and so on has to choose how to present it ... which cannot help but reflect their views, if only in subtle ways.

Agreed, some sources are much more obvious about it than others!

-- david

Mark Spittle said...

BBC has always done a great job maintaining professional reporting, with little bias. Not completely without bias, but a far better job than anywhere else.

It *can* be done. Until then, we currently have a state-run media in the US.... the very thing we are always accusing others of.

jay lassiter said...

yeah, i love the BBC. Too bad it's only on the radio from midnight-6am where i live.