Monday, February 13, 2006

Come Back to the Five-n-Dime Tonya Harding, Tonya Harding?!

Is it me or have the Olympics become totally lame? In my opinion, the Games were a lot cooler in the old Cold War days. Without all that exquisite geopolitical tension, the competition seems a lot less captivating.

Remember when we beat the Soviets in ice hocky? Most people do, even non-sports fans. Back then, watching Team USA take on those Warsaw pact nations--our ideological arch rivals-- was really satisfying, especially when Americans struck gold. Nowadays American athletes are batting Swissmen and Canadians and Finns for glory and somehow it doesn't seem nearly as titillating.

It's too bad Iran and Afghanistan don't have a winter Olympic squad. Imagine how fun that would be to watch. Ice dancing in a birqe? I must say, the mind reels.......

Speaking of ice dancing, you probably know that ice skating is still the gay man's Superbowl. Naturally, I'll be watching tonite. It's the pairs long program. Should be a pretty good one, but not as good as the ol' USA v/s USSR days of my childhood.

Top and bottom Images Courtesty of Bruce Beattie


Ben Heller said...

In the UK, there's very little interest in the Winter Olympics (maybe because we have very few competing teams or athletes).

What draws more attention is the International Rugby and the England cricket winter tour.

And soccer is still our biggest sport.

Anonymous said...

Tonya Rocks.