Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bush+Budget=Scuzzy Math

In the long term the biggest challenge to our nation's fiscal health comes from unsustainable growth in entitlement spending. We do not need to cut these programs, but we do need to slow their growth.
-President Bush

In the long term the biggest challenge to our nation's fiscal health stems from President Bush's sense of priorities. One example is Bush's plan to cypher American tax dollars from domestic programs (student loans and Social Security, for starters) in order to hemorrhage money in a "War on Terror" that actually puts Americans in evermore peril.
-Jay Lassiter

(Image courtesy of John Sherffius)


Anonymous said...

Scuzzy math belongs on the Axis-of-Evil.

Moonbeam said...

Hello! You requested comments on your blog, so here goes!
What are your plans for Sunday and the party? I've not heard back from you yet; I assume you recieved my e-mail?
Lemme know :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, nice blog!!!

xxx Leila

Monique said...

It's about the deficit...let's see what I can cut so when I leave office may be I won't look that bad. So what if is screw you all?
I watched Coretta Scott King's funeral and I tell you I never felt so ashamed to have this (P)resident representing our country!
Rev. J. Lowery, President Carter and others were magnificent!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....try this again,

nice blog!


Anonymous said...

Bush's budget does not cut the programs listed. Only in Washington, DC and in the illogical/partisan minds of the left and their friends in the media do reductions in the rate of projected growth of programs become cuts. I defy you to show me which of these programs will have less dollars than last year. If you bother to actually read the budget and run the comparisons you won't find any.

jay lassiter said...

Yo anonymous,
Read the budget? As in the whole thing? I'd rather stare directly in the sun!!!
If you don't accept what I say, that's okay. Don't believe me, I don't care that much.
Ask your grandparents what's it's like getting a 'script filled nowadays. Ask a parent trying to get pay for their kids tuition. try asking anyone who pays their heating bill or filling up their gas tank. Ask someone without health insurance.
President Bush's budget priorities marginalize all of these folks. Don't bore me or yourself with the fuzzy math, just look at your own financial situation. If you think think thing are better nowadays under Bush maybe you should get your own blog and vent your views there?

David Amulet said...

Slowing out of control programs = good.

The size of each US annual budget for most of the past 15 years = nearly priceless.

-- david