Wednesday, February 01, 2006

What State of the Union??

If you're looking for State of the Union Analysis, you won't find it here. Sorry! If you want the skinny on that, check out Shakespeare's Sister or my fellows at BlueJersey for the latest. We've started podcasting over at BlueJersey, and Democratic Congressman Rush Holt offers up his reply to Bush's speech. Check it out, everyone's doing it!

In the full spirit of denial, I boycotted the State of the Union altogether and last night Greg and I did bonghits and watched "Happy Endings" instead. (Sounds kinda like a porno?) It was a pretty good flick! ( a lot better than listening to Bush's "Stay the course" drivel....) Here's a review from the 'net:
The two major stories revolve around step-siblings: hardened and neurotic Mamie (Lisa Kudrow) and gay restaurant owner Charley (Steve Coogan.) In their teens, a random sexual encounter produced a baby that Mamie secretly bore to term and gave up for adoption. Throughout the film, they are both on the prowl for lost offspring.
I'll take slick, arty type movies about bisexual threeways over State of the Union anyday! Happy Endings also stars a surprisingly funny Tom Arnold and Maggie Gyllenhaal, whose brother is in that gay cowboy flick everyone's talking about.

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bisexual 3ways!