Wednesday, February 08, 2006

New Jersey's Renewable Energy Initiatiave

Trenton, NJ (Sharon at Center of NJ life reports)--
Lower Property Taxes? Go Solar!

Well, not quite- but if A1882 passes, you won't pay property taxes on your solar system. A press release on PoliticsNJ reports that the bill was released from committee to go to Appropriations for further consideration. From the release:

The bill would allow for a tax exemption for solar energy systems that provide heating, cooling, or general energy."Property owners who install certified solar energy systems, from cooling towers to solar cells, should be rewarded with tax exemptions for their environmental stewardship," said McKeon (D-Essex).

According to the Department of Energy, an estimated 50,000 American deaths per year are caused by airborne particulate matter of which one-third is generated by power plants. Solar energy is a clean resource that produces little or no air pollution or waste which reduces global warming and protects the environment.
"By supporting the use of renewable energy, we are protecting New Jersey's clean and healthy air. The state's most vulnerable residents, including children and seniors with asthma and allergies, will have less respiratory problems once we have reduced our reliance on power plants that generate particulate matter known as smog," said Gusciora (D-Mercer).

If this bill passes, it will be one more way to cement Our Fair State's position as a leader in alternative energies. And, good for those of us who made the investment in our solar system. Hoody Hoo! Write your legislators!


Anonymous said...

i know you're doing your part!

Anonymous said...

Nearly 30 years ago, when Jimmy Carter proposed big tax breaks for solar homes, he was held up to such ridicule. Imagine how far ahead we'd be now, in terms of health, in terms of the advancement of solar technology, and in terms of our decreased dependence on foreign oil, if more people had realized how wise Carter was at that time.

Anonymous said...

Damn! Abatement of our property taxes would be on the system would be sweet, but all we get is a credit against our very steep state income tax. Oh well, better than nothing and a totally CA program no less, so maybe it won't get de-funded.

Here's to hoping your bill passes as well.