Wednesday, February 01, 2006

100 Dead British Soldiers

Hard to believe I missed this sad milestone in last night's State of the Union media vacuum. Yesterday our cousins and coalition patners, the British, marked their 1ooth fallen soldier in the Iraq War. It's pretty hard to believe that my homestate of New Jersey has suffered almost half as many (forty-two at last count) casualties as the entire British Army. What's the casualty count where you live? State-by-state casualty count
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Ben Heller said...

Mr Blair has often said that he wishes for a lasting Legacy as a reminder of his term as leader of the British Government.

Sadly, 100 British families are FULLY aware of his Legacy, and with a heavy heart I say one thing.

Shame on you Tony Blair.

'Bean said...

Sadly, from the US side of the Atlantic, Blair has proven to be a Bush Enabler - and not the thorn in Bush's side we were hoping he would become.


Irishcoda said...

I missed that terrible statistic too :( I also didn't realize that so many fallen are from NJ, although I did know that there are a lot from Pennsylvania because Gov Rendell has been pretty vocal about it.

I just found your blog because of a comment you left on mine (thanks!) :) and will be back to visit. I am a blog-o-holic and the one you left a comment on is Scribblings

:P fuzzbox said...

My own home state of Texas has lost 203 brave souls. How many more one can only ask?