Thursday, February 23, 2006

Homeland Security and Outsourcing DO NOT MIX!

Why can't we find an American company to manage American ports? Just a thought...

I live in Cherry Hill, NJ, USA. The Port of Philadelphia is six miles away. Ports in N.Y.C., Newark and Baltimore are all within 100 miles of where I live. So the idea of port operations being taken over by the United Arab Emirates is serious business to me. If nothing else, at least this controversy has everyone talking about port security. It's about time!
(Image courtesy Christo Komar)


Ben Heller said...

Michael Jackson did that deal from his new base in Dubai

Orchidmaniac said...

While I am no means a fan of Dubya, I have to agree with him in principle. Half of the US ports are already managed by foreign companies. If you open the management/operation of the ports to foreign companies, then you can't pick and choose which country you favor. Jay, I agree with you that the US should manage and operate all of the ports, but the republican ideal is to privitize every thing. Think of it in a practical way, it doesn't matter who is operating the ports when only 5% of the containers coming into port are inspected. This is where the real concern lies and the administration has known about this flaw and done nothing to address it.

jay lassiter said...

hey orchidmaniac,
I am just glad that people are talking about port security nowadays.
but i agree with you generally,

Orchidmaniac said...

Are ya kidding? This is the tip of the iceberg. What about increasing security or fortifying chemical manufacturing plants and nuclear power plants? All of these have been identified by the 9-11 commission as vulnerabilities but have been ignored by the administration. So, in response to one of your earlier posts: No, I do not feel safer. I feel less safe now than ever before.

jay lassiter said...

Jay is still scared shitless of the prez.
(why am i talking in 3rd person?)