Friday, March 17, 2006

Tony Blair's legacy (AKA Jay's first AudioBlog)

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Image courtesy Greg Palast
& Bob Grossman


Anonymous said...

(Well, I guess that's 2nd best to your answering the Wm.Tell Overture, but what will your loyal readers think of your 1st audioblog?)

How could 50some'illion Americans be so stupid, read the British papers when Bush was elected....hmmmmm...they might wanna ask Mr. Blair? He might know!


Ben Heller said...

Great audio post. Your passion for this historic disaster, our modern day Vietnam, really comes through on this post.

I personally think that sharing his decision to go to war with his religious beliefs is a disgrace. He's almost trying to use it as a "get out clause". I'm not of a religious persuasion, but I can imagine that in private, the leaders of The Church Of England are disgusted with his remarks.

I wrote to my Member of Parliament a couple of weeks ago. He is in Blair's party and was one of the handful who rejected the option to go to war. He replied to me that he tried everything he could to stop the conflict, and I actually believe him, but the bullshit about WMD had been spoon fed to all members of Parliament, and the die was cast.

I was one of the 750,000, who marched through London when War was declared, the biggest public gathering against the Government ever. And yet, he still managed to win the next election !! Why ? Well believe it or not, economically this country is one of the few that is moving forward, and people tend to think of home affairs first, foreign policy second.

As for Blair stopping Bush from going to war ? I think you're right. Bush listens to very few people. I think one of the few he does listen to is Blair. I've heard lots of rumours over here that Blair has advised Bush that declaring war on Iran would be a political suicide for Bush. I am led to believe that Bush wants it, but takes on board what Blair is saying. I know it's all hearsay, but it wouldn't surprise me if this was the case.

As I write this, I hear of the bombing raids, and I see the faces of Bush and Blair on every bomb that's dropped.

Ms. Adams said...

Technical difficulties this morning, Jay. I'll drop back by to listen this afternoon.
Did you see that you were included last week on the tail end of the carnie post? You were also the trick question later. See, you missed it. LOL

Puckpan said...

Bad. Stick to writing - the word "bullshit" is not profound and doesn't substitute for a reasoned argument. Things that seem so obvious to you are not necessarily universal - so they need the support of some kind of reasoning.

You are a better writer - at least writing allows you to edit your words - which this needed badly.

jay lassiter said...

Don't worry guys, i won't quit my day job. this was just a "first shot."