Friday, March 10, 2006

Dubai Ports World, The Harriet Miers of Shipping

(My buddy Kvatch reports)--

Dubai Ports World has pulled out of the deal to run six of the US's container facilities. Check. We all know that. Halliburton has been mentioned as a possible replacement. Whoa, huh?!

The conspiracist in me encourages you to think about this in light of how the Miers/Alito circus was orchestrated.


Anonymous said...

I should have had some coffee before reading your blog, Jay.

Anonymous said...

The concept of using Dubai to make Halliburton more appealing sounds ridiculous on the surface. But with this administration one cannot entirely dismiss the possibility either. I suspect they genuinely wanted Dubai's DP World but since that fell through, they see Halliburton as a perverse way of making the best of it.

The Contrarian said...

This may be a prime example of the cliche "Be careful of what you wish for..."