Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hands off her vagina!

If not for gay sex and female uteri what else would straight men obsess about? (Image courtesy Jeff Stahler)

If I hear another Brokeback Mountain joke, I'll puke!! And This news from South Dakota makes me useasy as well. I am starting to get the impression that Republicans regard women as nothing more than baby-making machines.


'Bean said...

All I can say is, "Heil, Fellow Citizen of the Federal Christian Plutocratic Republic of Bush! Heil our fair leader! And how fare you, in the name of Jesus?!"

Forgive my being blunt - but fuck this filth: Secession all the way.

Orchidmaniac said...

The people behind this movement are no different from the Taliban. They want to impose their ultraconservative religious values on everyone and they are intolerant. We must all speak up and put an end to this or we will lose our freedom!

Haik Bedrosian said...

Abortion is a tough issue. It should be rare, but I think it's a mistake to make it against the law.

jay lassiter said...

Bean and Orchid maniac: I share your fury

Haik bedrosian: COuldn't have said it better myself!

Sharon GR said...

"If not for gay sex and female uteri what else would straight men obsess about?"

I'd LOL if it weren't so damn true.

Orchidmaniac said...

Why should abortion be rare? What is the basis of your view? Could it be religion? What about people like me who are not of the Judeo-Christian faith? Don't i have a right to practice my religion (which does not outlaw abortion)? This is very scary and I feel that my religious values are being threatened or taken away. This is why I say they are intolerant. Why can't the issue of abortion be left to the individuals involved since it is a personal issue? Don't get an abortion if you are opposed based on your religion, but don't impose your religious values on me.

Anonymous said...

The problem with the neo-right wing xtian types is that they don't just want to outlaw abortion, they want to outlaw condoms etc. as well. Check out the Catholic churches teachings if you think I am wrong.

The same goes for the lgbt community, they don't just want us back in the closet, they want us dead. Check out Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson.


Orchidmaniac said...

You are right on the money, Onanite.

Molly Ivans gives an excellent commentary on SD abortion ban.


Anonymous said...

The situation is even worse than many think.

The SD legislature also failed, by an 11 to 0 vote in committee, to add a clause that would have termintated the parental rights of a rapist upon conviction. So...a woman who is unable or unwilling to immediately take the emergency contraceptives may be placed in the monstrous position of either being tethered to her attacker until her child reaches adulthood or having to give up the child to the attacker.

Moonbeam said...

Haik Bedrosian-
I am often bemused when I hear comments like yours from progressives; that "abortion should be legal but rare." Frankly, I increasingly am convinced that abortion should be far more common!
I am a first year nursing student who just recently finished a clinical rotation at a women and babies hospital. While I was there I routinely cared for postpartum mothers who already had five or six kids at home (oftentimes from multiple fathers), were unemployed, and were living on welfare. Their children almost invariably end up having horrible, impoverished lives (we see serious abuse cases and maternal addiction all the time), are much more likely to participate in criminal activities when they are older, and a very high percentage of them will also end up on welfare as adults and continue the social illnesses that their parents spawned. Frankly, one of the best things that we could do for society is for us to be providing free abortions to women like the ones I just described.
My pro-choice beliefs were formed when I was in high school and the girl who was my best friend at the time got pregnant. Sara was a brilliant, beautiful girl who had the potential to become anything that she wanted to in life. I wanted her to terminate the pregnancy, and was even willing to help pay for the abortion and go with her for support during the procedure. However, Sara refused to follow through with the abortion, and ended up giving birth to the child. And guess where she is today? Living in a rented trailer with her live-in boyfriend and another baby that she has had since then. She didn't finish high school, and probably never will. My brilliant, beautiful friend today works at a grocery store instead of attending law school or med school as she might otherwise have done, and her youthful potential is being spent on changing diapers and saying "Would you like that in paper or plastic?". How unspeakably tragic.

jay lassiter said...

the reason i think aboution should be rare is for the same reason i think root canals should be rare.

Both can be painful and both are preventable (most of the time)

I am the most liberal man you'll ever find, but my opinion remains firm: Abortion should (of coourse) be legal but it should never be taken litely.

Orchidmaniac said...

But Jay, you're imposing your own personal or moral values on this issue. This is what SD did when they passed the ban--made abortion rare and legal under extreme circumstances. Some other states have imposed the "not taken lightly" position by making people go through hurdles such as notification, waiting periods, counselling, etc. in an effort to discourage abortions. Yes, it is a difficult and painful decision, but leave this up to the individual.

jay lassiter said...

the idea that i believe abortion should be rare has nothing to with where i stand on the legalities of the issues. Women should have the right to choose. I am a man, this is not a choice for me to make. Women should be free to choose what ever is appropriate for *them*

But you're right to suggest that my values color my opinions of the issue. My values compell me to wish that abortion would be rare.

Moonbeam said...

Giving birth is painful and preventable too; that doesn't make it a bad thing.
And I have yet to meet a woman who took the decision to have an abortion "lightly".