Friday, March 17, 2006

Let Peace Begin with Me

“We are not able to remain silent, not able to stand idly by...
Peacefully, prayerfully, we undertook this nonviolent symbolic action to show the awful truth about war. To show our non-cooperation with it, and to sound the alarm, to warn others- Especially our beloved youth whose honorable intentions and bravery have been exploited.”

The third anniversary of the invasion of Iraq is this weekend. There are protests and vigils nationwide. No matter where you live, there's something near you to mark this sad and troubling milestone.
Live near me in South Jersey? click here for info for event near you.
Nationwide event seach click here.
P.S in case you're wondering, that Chinese character is the Mandarin symbol for peace. (pronounced like the word "helping" without the "L"..... something like "heh-ping")


Anonymous said...

Is that your caligraphy, Jay? War is only one solution to a conflict, and a costly -- dearly costly -- one at is a sad time in history to mark, and mark it we will


jay lassiter said...

yes, max this is my mandarin handiwork! thanks for noticing!

Anonymous said...

I was there!