Friday, March 24, 2006

Sudan Freedom Walk/dispatches from Philly

Hundreds of thousands dead, and millions displaced in the Darfur region of Western Sudan, but the Bush Administration is too distracted to care.
With Philly's Liberty Bell serving as an ironic backdrop, I had a chance to speak to several folks who are making the trek from the U.N. building in Manhattan to the White House as part of the Sudan Freedom Walk. Their stop yesterday: Philadelphia's Constitution Center. Interview with Abdelgabr Adam (see pic) President of the Darfur Human Rights Organization.
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(Images Courtesy Philip Forrest. Copyright 2006)

This is me in the 2nd pic with a deliberately provocative message. I got a few sideways looks and finally drew little peace signs in the "o's."
At one point during the vigil, a girl came up behind me and asked "What school do you go to?" and when i turned to answer her she looked at me and said, "Oh,never mind."
OUCH! Well, it was a light moment on an otherwise somber afternoon at least.


Ben Heller said...

Well done jay,

Ben Heller said...

Are you still hobbling around ?

Anonymous said...

Audio is a bit fuzzy,
nice try though.

Brian FInch said...

Great work guy!

David Amulet said...

Sounds kind of like the Clinton administration's lack of activity re: Rwanda.

That is a good "light moment." You shoudl have told her you went to the school of hard knocks ... and sent her to her parents asking what the f--- that meant.

-- david