Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Brits reducing troop numbers in Iraq

It looks like President Bush's main ally in Iraq is on the way out. Yesterday's announcement by the British government served notice that Her majesty's army will reduce troop numbers in Iraq by 10% this spring. Currently 8,500 British soldiers serve in Iraq, down from 46,000 in 2003. I think it's safe to say that Bush's "coalition of the willing" is no longer willing.
Good. This is Bush's war alone, really.
Image courtesy Bob Englehart


Ben Heller said...

Hi Jay,
It always was Bush's war. There is absolutely NO possibility the British would have started this War, but ultimately both of our countries have a burden of shame.

What's the current legacy of the struggle ?

1. The casualties. My heart goes to every family.

2. Democracy. Most political commentators would tell you that democracy was always an impossibility in Iraq.

3. Terrorism. Bin Laden is still out there, and Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay further fuel every would be terrorist.

Anonymous said...

The Brits could be preparing for a pre-emptive strike against Iran
shortly, if they are not already in Iran. Remember the 'Downing Street Memo' vis-a-vis Iraq?
Raised Eyebrows!

Anonymous said...

You've got to remember the Brits have been in Iraq before, and they got booted out early in the 20th century. They want to disengage as soon as possible.