Friday, March 03, 2006

Bush sells off public land to pay for wargames!

(Tata at Blanton's & Ashton's reports)--

Shout, and don't quit. You will have 30 days!
Is selling off Bitterroot National Forest or the Sierra National Forest or Yellowstone National Park a good idea? No, not in general," said Under Secretary Mark Rey. "But I challenge these people who are engaging in this flowery rhetoric ... to take a hard look at these specific parcels and tell me they belong in national forest ownership."
This is so immoral I can barely speak. Your only choice:

The public will have 30 days to comment after maps of the acreage proposed for sale are published, which the agency expects to do by the end of the month. Some parcels might be removed after public comment if they are deemed too valuable to lose.

Read the whole article. This is what happens when fake ranchers use real wilderness to finance an illegal war. Can we cut 'em off at the pass?

Call your Congressmen! Find the number here!

(Image courtesy of Monte Wolverton)


Kaitlyn said...
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Kaitlyn said...

screw Dick Cheny >_<.

sybil said...

Hey jay, i just saw your post on shakesis re blogs, including your's. I've actually had you on my list for some while, but given my level of tolerance and idiosyncratic ordering of where I visit, I'm always again surprised when I get here and remember, oh yeah, this is the site of major great visuals.

And as far as this particular story goes, how can it be that every day things look bleaker?? that's why your sort of site is so appreciated. major bummer about the achilles. thanks

jay lassiter said...

thanks for the kind words, Sybil....
I await your site too!!