Thursday, January 25, 2007

NJ Newsroundup

  • The Philly Inquirer says N.J. Democrats, GOP both carry vulnerabilities and that "handling of tax cuts could sway voters; loyalties pull them back." Are your state reps vunerable? Why or why not?

  • Cherry Hill Mayor Bernie Platt issues his "state of the township" address. Nothing from his speech really rocked my world (he didn't say anything new about propTaxes) but he said all the right things otherwise. Cherry Hill is an awesome place to live, I hope Mayor Platt does his part to keep it that way. Incidently, Mayor Platt has previously said on record that he's happy performing civil unions as a matter of course. Shouldn't be long now?

  • Here's the latest about that Kearny HS teacher with a a radical worldview and a big mouth. Remember him?

  • Also the latest about the Atlantic City smoking (non?) ban situation. The main argument is that a ban would put AC gambling joints at a competative disadvantage to casinos in neighboring states where smoking is allowed. Funny thing is, it won't be long until smoking is banned in those states too.

  • The Jersey Journal reports that Bayonne's Dems are in some deep (and expensive) kudzu.

    So that's the latest in New Jersey. If I missed sometime (or if you have some good gossip) please share!

    Open thread and blogwhore away!
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