Monday, January 15, 2007

MLK jr. Monday News Roundup

  • A voice for Blue Jerseyans. According to the Philly Inquirer, "in just 16 months, blogger Juan Melli and his Web site,, have become a galvanizing force for New Jersey liberals and an increasingly influential must-read for the politically inclined."

  • Camden residents are disenfranchised. And they know it. So they took their message of revitalization to Trentonia. Hopefully the Governor was listening.

  • You heard about the 150 (or so) NJ National Gurad troops whose tours were extended. Guess how they found out about their hitches getting supersized? From their superiors? Nope. They heard it from their families, sometimes via INSTANT MESSAGE! How messed up is that? The batallion in question is based in Vineland, in South Jersey and naturally, the community is having a tough time digesting the news.

  • Students around the state are celebrating the memory or Dr. Martin Luther King in song, words and pictures. Personally, to honor Dr. King's legacy, I have recommitted myself to resist the forces of oppression. Intimes like these, it's also worth remembering Dr. King's anti-war resistance.

  • Finally, stay tuned for an updated list of Committee assignments on the Hill. This week we should finally learn where the entire New Jersey delegation ends up, as well as who's heading up what committee. My prediction? Garden State Congressmen pick up two more chairmanships: Rep. Andrews on the Workforce and Pensions Committee and Rep. Payne on the Africa and Human Rights Subcommittee. Stay tuned. You'll probably find out here first.

    So it's a long weekend. How cool it that?

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