Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My chat with the President of Ireland

Do you care about human rights? Do you care about issues in Africa such as AIDS and Darfur? Yeah me too. That's why I am waiting anxiously for the official announcement that Rep. Donald Payne will become chairman of the Africa/Human Rights House Committee. I am convinced that Congressman Payne is up to the task and ready to make human rights a real priority in the new Congress. And so does former Irish president (and head of the UN Human Rights Commission) Mary Robinson.

I got a chance to chat with President Robinson on an NPR call in show this morning. I was curious to hear her thoughts about the Democratic takeover of Congress and whether the new majority will signal a shift in priorities towards Africa. Click here for the mp3 of our little chat. It goes on about 2 minutes.

It's a lucky coincidence that my very last post here on the blog was about Irish pride, as celebrated each new year in Philly-style at the mummer's parade. Accordingly, speaking to the former Irish president was a real treat.

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