Sunday, January 21, 2007

Me me media

It's not everyday that you wake up to yourself on the cover of the newspaper. (click pic to enlarge) This morning's cover story in the Courier Post -- which serves South Jersey -- was about yours truly, Jay Lassiter, blogger. You can read the story by writer Kevin Riordan here.

A snippet:
Lassiter taps the keys in a sleekly tasteful home office, where a vintage Grundig console stereo sits against one wall and a row of windows offers a view of the woods. His desktop is clear, except for an ashtray. "I call this the South Jersey Desk of the Progressive Blogosphere," he says.

You gotta love a reporter who says nice things about your blog and your house.

Now all the flattery to my ego not withstanding, this story does say a lot about the emerging blog phenomenon. One thing is clear: the blogoshere is growing all the time. Citizen journalism is alive and kicking.

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