Thursday, January 11, 2007

New Jersey tidbits

  • The House of Representatives voted to raise the minimum wage. Democratic State Senator Steve Sweeney thinks it should be even higher here in the state. Says Sweeny, "realistically, the minimum wage should be $9 or $10 an hour, not $7.25."

  • NJ Congressmen respond to Bush's speech. Sigh. Cringe.

  • Clergy not required to perform civil unions in NJ. Stay tuned.

  • No more building child care centers toxic dump sites, as "Kiddie Kollege" bill becomes law. Corzine:
    “This bill will help identify and remediate educational facilities and child care centers located on environmentally high risk sites,” Governor Corzine said. “This puts New Jersey at the forefront of states nationally in protecting children from environmental contaminants while at child care facilities and schools.”
  • I saved this one for last because it's the impression I want you to take away from today's (mid-day) News Roundup. Looks like "New Jersey Army National Guard troops currently stationed in Iraq will see their tours extended by 120 days as a result of President Bush's policy to add to the war effort, according to an official with knowledge of the plans. " So 159 soldier (and their families) will have to put off their end date by another 180 days.

    Now ask yourself, gentle reader, what can you personally do to ensure a speedy end to the mess in Iraq. What are you doing with your mandate?

    (Open thread and blogwhore away)

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