Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's News Roundup

  • Many newspapers are doing retrospectives of the year that was. No surprise who got top billing from the Ocean County Observer: Lt. Laurel Hester. I wonder if she knew just how powerful her legacy would be one year later.

  • In addition to helping countless sufferers of disease like diabetes or Alzheimers, the new stem cell research center also has much local promise as well. The stemcell research center (to be named for the late actor and activist Chris Reeve) suggests bigtime progress for Camden, as well.

  • As many of you know, the country lost it's 3oooth soul in Iraq over the holiday weekend. Peace activists from New Jersey and beyond will be hitting the streets of Washington later this month. On the 27th, we will take our mandate to the capital's Mall. On the 29th, we'll be on Capital Hill doing direct lobbying of legislators to end this senseless war. So who's in? I'll be headed down and I hope many of my peace loving brothers and sisters will be joining me from the Garden State.

  • Some previously red township councils that flipped blue last November will be swearing in new progressives today. Likewise the GOP is floundering in Washington Township.

    You all know about the big party in New Brusnwick later this week, right?
    Resolutions anyone? Leave 'em in the comments, please!!

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