Saturday, January 06, 2007

My Congressman's wacky agenda for the 110th Congress

I see that my voice in Congress, Jim Saxton, has taken a break from his busy happyhour schedule to take on a seriously radical posture on a broad range of issues like minimum wages and Iran.

Let's take a look first at his thoughts on the income gap. From Rush Limbaugh's website. (subscription required):
"A lot has been said about income inequality, but the fact is that it hasn't changed much in recent years," Saxton said Thursday. "Congress should consider this fact before acting on the assumption that income inequality is surging."
That term 'surging' sure has a lot of currency in Washington these days. So in case you're keeping score on the surge meme, the thinking among most GOP pols in Washington is such: surge of income inequality? Phooey hooey. Surge of troops into Iraq? Go for it.

Saxton goes on this time in Yogi Berra-esque fashion: "There is often good reason not to work, such as retirement or disability, but obviously households without earners will lack earnings. Income is not necessarily the best measure of economic well being."

(If you want to read the article with your own eyes without subscribing to Rush's site, click here.)

On Iran, Jim Saxton seems to be really peeved. He penned this op-ed slamming the UN and laying the philosophical groundwork for an attack on Iran. Saxton:
It amazes me that our Defense Department can spend billions of dollars in the fight against terrorism, but our diplomatic arm is unable to spend capital on making the United Nations confront states, like Iran, that support terrorism.
Keep in mind that the "diplomatic arm" he cites is none other than Condoleeza Inc.

So what to do about Iran, Jimbo?
First, it should create a missile defense architecture in the Gulf. This will have the twin benefit of weakening Iran’s influence in the region and preventing Arab states—particularly Saudi Arabia—from becoming the next nuclear proliferators.
That sounds expensive. Maybe China will lend us the money for that. So what next?
Having the Gulf states exercise with the U.S. Navy will not only give them the technical know-how of completing maritime interdiction and proliferation prevention operations, but it will also shore up military to military relationships in the event Tehran blocks the Strait of Hormuz.
Is worth noting that the new Commander of Central Command in Iraq is a Navy man. Should the US go totally apeshit and attack Iran, it would be a naval incursion. So given that context, Saxton's bleating kinda sends chills up my spine.

But he's not done yet. Saxton:
I believe we must begin preparing to confront Iranian terrorism. While everyone wants diplomacy to work, it is clear that when it is the only instrument of national power being used, it works against our interests. Diplomatic success, rather, will only emerge when we pursue initiatives outside the context of diplomacy.
This last statement seemingly contradicts the earlier quote where Saxton was critical of the "diplomatic arm" confrontion threats (real and perceived) in the Middle East.

So given Jim Saxton's flurry of activity in Washington, one can only assume that his republican party is taking great pains to point out that the United States should foucus less on bridging the gay between rich and poor and more on a battle plan to invade Iran.

God help us.

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