Friday, January 05, 2007

NJ Blogger of the Year

There are still a few days to vote for the Screaming Carrot Award, which is given each year to the best liberal blog in New Jersey. I got nominated which is a thrill, as you might imagine. So head on over to Blue Jersey and vote for blogger of the year. I would suggest voting for me and my blog ("Lassiter Space.")

I would say that it's enough just to be nominated alongside such a talented pool of garden state liberals. But that would be a lie. I want to win. And I need your vote.

Since this is a New Jersey based contest, naturally the rules are fluid. At best. Blue Jersey:

  • You don't have to live in New Jersey to vote.
  • We don't care if you live anywhere. Dead people are people, too.
  • Vote as often as you'd like, or have surrogates pay others to do it for you.
  • Unless you're not white - we hear the cops are monitoring the vote and arresting people.
  • We spent all our money on our new high tech voting system that doesn't keep track of the tally, so if you can hack in and rig the vote, you win - and nobody will ever know or care. Plus, we're all out of money, so it's better for everyone if we just pretend the problem doesn't exist.
  • Shameless self-promotion and mean-spirited mocking of opponents is encouraged and expected. Lawnmowers optional.

  • So go vote. For me. If your vote can be bought, then leave your demands in the comments section.

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