Sunday, April 09, 2006

Rich Sexton's busy Sunday in NJ-3

Nothing would be finer for south New Jersey voters than putting Republican Rep. Jim Saxton out to pasture this November 7th. In fact, voters in NJ's 3rd congressional district are finally waking up to the fact that Jim Saxton is (in the words of a mydd reader reader) an anachronism,
"A ghost of politics past," as it were.....akin to the appendix--a vestigial organ, it sticks around even though it does nothing for us, and it oftentimes becomes infected. The era of political appendices must end! It is utterly ridiculous the extent to which the Democrats have overlooked NJ-03 (and NJ-04) sandwiched between the congressional districts of Rob Andrews and Rush Holt no less. The region is so pregnant with progressive possibilities that it is not only naive to discount it, but downright foolish.
I could not agree more. Which is why I am so glad to see in my inbox this morning that NJ-3 Democratic candidate Rich Sexton picked up another endorsement, this time from the Progressive Democrats of South Jersey. The gang voted unnanimously to support the Sexton campaign and retire ol' Jim Saxton.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Rich Sexton was doing a little live blogging over at DailyKos with the Band of Brothers, a group of Military Vets who are running for Congress this year.

With the United States in the middle of a messy war created by Chicken hawks like George Bush and Jim Saxton, it's imperative that we look to folks like (Naval Academy Alum) Candidate Rich Sexton who have a more intimate sensibility to the business of war for solutions!

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