Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Lassiter Space goes (totally) global!

It's a small, small world!
-Jiminy Cricket

With the exception of Antarctica, my wee blog is being picked up in all corners of the globe, which is very exciting. Of course hits from places like Iran, Venezuela, and Qatar might very well get me on Dick Cheney's shitlist, it still feels very good for the old ego that folks actually give a damn about what I write on here. Honestly, it's what every blogger wants!

Now if you're a map freak like i am (and even if you're not) click on the pic of the world map to enlarge it. And marvel at the diveristy of web traffic that I enjoy here.


Anonymous said...

Of course hits from places like Iran, Venezuela, and Qatar might very well get me on Dick Cheney's shitlist...

Ah...don't worry 'bout those. Worry about doj.gov, irs.gov, doi.gov, [army, navy, airforce, marines!].mil -- some of my favorites.

David Amulet said...

This is awesome, Jay -- being a map freak myself, I love to see the diversity represented by the dots on yours. Nothing yet from Papua New Guinea, I see, but you've still got time to work that crowd.

-- david

Rob said...

Hi Jay -

There is a community blog I recently discovered called My Left Wing that I think you may appreciate.

The proprietor, Maryscott O'Connor used to be a blogger for Daily Kos. She still cross posts there as well as MY DD and Booman Tribune but branched out on her own.

Anyway, she's very much in touch with her community and she's helpful to smaller progressive blogs like ours. I cross post there and she added me to her blogroll. I suspect she just might do the same for you as well. She's sort of a sassy blog den mother. And it's a nice community. Daily Kos doesn't really feel so much like a community to me anymore. Anyway, thought you might be interested in reviewing it. She's very cool, I've already experienced growth in my blog because of her and suspect you would do well cross posting your stuff there too.

And congratulations on your worldwide fame!