Friday, April 07, 2006

Borderline schizophrenic part 2

All this talk of a wall going up along 700 miles along the U.S.-Mexico border is a shocking and tragic idea. I am all in favor of immigration reform of some kind, it would be nice if Congress could achieve a compromise that would respect the rights of Americans and the undocumented workers, alike. But a 700 mile fence?? Hasn't history taught us better?

The ninety-six mile Berlin Wall (top 2) and the ninety mile Israel Wall (beneath) are two of the most iconic images of tyranny the world has ever known. And now the U.S. House of Representatives wants to erect a concrete and barbwire eye sore along the Mexico border which--at an astonishing 700 miles--is long enough to stretch from Atlanta to Chicago!

As this imigration debate hits a fevered pitch it's obvious that this issue is an emotional one. But until cooler heads prevail, let's ask ourselves if we can't think of a more creative solution to the (illegal) immigration problem than to copy regimes like East Germany!?


Anonymous said...

How about a 700 mile sculpture by Christo? It would be project of a lifetime!

'Bean said...


Not a bad idea.

I actually disagree strongly with the ninety mile Israel Wall . . .are two of the most iconic images of tyranny the world has ever known.

As an American Born Persian Ex-Muslim, I'd like to remind you, Jay, of that lovely image of the Iranian gay guy who was formally shot . . . and whose family members then stripped the flesh from his face and neck so no "shame" would fall on the survivors related to having a queer relative.

Islam feels a good deal the same way about Jews, too.

I frankly support the wall: it beats shooting the weenies on a daily basis. And, given both my rather Socialist tendencies *AND* my own Islamic experiences?

I'd even support the shooting, to be frank.

At least the wall is more humane.

jay lassiter said...

sorry bean but i won't bite. Sure, i am aware of your contempt for islam and yes, i am aware that you are a converted jew.
But i'll dig my heels in and say that the regimes of east germany and israel--along with their contemptable policies relating to human rights--belong in the dustbin of history.

Ben Heller said...

I agree Jay. No geographical wall will ever be as high as the religious walls a lot of people build in their mind so why bother ?

Enlighten said...

There is a big difference between the Berlin Wall and any wall the U.S. might build. The Berlin Wall was built by the communists to keep the East Germans in and a U.S. wall would be built to keep people out. That’s a big difference wouldn’t you agree? How can you possibly compare the two? The East German government was so repressive a wall had to be built to keep people from leaving the country. Americans will not be prevented from leaving the U.S. by wall(s) built along our border(s). A wall along the U.S. border is one strategy to help keep people from illegally sneaking into our country.

How do you suggest the U.S. protect its borders and keep people from illegally sneaking across our borders and into our country? Or do you believe the U.S. has no right to determine who may enter the country, when, where and how? Americans have a right to secure borders and the enforcement of our immigration laws. “Undocumented workers” (do all ileegal immigrants work?) have no right to be in the U.S.

jay lassiter said...

I'm just saying that there is a solution to the immigration problem, and building a wall is the worst idea i can think of.

First of all, once that wall goes up, all the illegals who are here wll be trapped here. right?

And the comparison of east germany is a bit of a stretch, but a wall is a wall is a wall. and it's still an awfully ugly and unimaginative solution.

Rob said...

Hi Jay -

Sadly, I think too many Americans don't view this as the Berlin Wall. They view it the way the Israeli's view their to keep out terrorists. One might disagree with what Israel is doing but can understand why. What the House of Represenatives wants to do is simply vile.