Friday, April 28, 2006

In ~944 days, we'll have a new president

But if Bush keeps up at this abysmal rate, maybe it'll be sooner?

Honestly, rather than impeachment, I'd just like the see the President do a good job. But enough about my fantasies. How do you feel about George Bush?


Anonymous said...

I actually can't stand most of the folks on capital hill. When it comes to voting, it always comes down to choosing the lesser of two evils...yet the lesser has become as ambiguous as gray between black and white. It now seems to be a matter of which evil do you prefer, since they both are of equal value in different sectors.

I too would prefer that he do a good job. But I cannot place all of the blame on him. We do have a system of checks and balances that consistently works against itself to slow the progress of anything constructive.

jay lassiter said...

you're absolultely right!

Phats said...

Hi there
I have no comment really on Bush, especially since I didn't vote(please don't stone me). I saw on your profile you're a tennis coach, and I am too. Just thought i'd pop by and say hi

Anonymous said...


You don't vote? Great, thanks for helping Bush ruing the country!

As for what I think of Bush, well he is obviously a moron Xtian liar, anyone with a brain can see that.


Anonymous said...

Well obviously I'd like to see him go before that, but I don't think the Senate has the cojones to convict him (even a Democrat Senate). And that's assuming the House sends the charges.

Phats said...

damn it I ruined our country! and I am a history teacher too haha. oh well.

Sharon GR said...

How do I feel about George Bush? I've cleaned up cat poop I've been fonder of. The cat poop didn't actively make anyone's life worse.

Elsa said...

I pretty much agree wtih Reenee, however, regarding the system of checks and balances, I'm not so sure the system was really working like it should have been these last several years. I believe it was Tom Delay who said that it was his job or congress's job to pass through Bush's agenda. That doesn't sound like a check and balance.

Granny said...

Our system of checks and balances is going the way of the dodo as the Prez insists on ignoring the very laws he signs. They apply to everyone but him and only he can decide what is legal and what isn't.

Hey Kvatch, my multi colored friend. Fancy meeting you here.