Friday, April 28, 2006

Press Credential!! *SNAP*

I am headed to Manhattan tomorrow for the March for Peace, Justice and Democracy. (Or as my partner Greg calls it "the million hippie march.") Our mission at tomorrow's event: End the war in Iraq -- Bring all our troops home now! No war on Iran! Stand up for immigrant and women's rights! Basically, progressive tenents of common sense. Organizers are calling for a massive crowd.

The coolest news is that I managed to get a press pass to cover the event. This is quite a feat since i am only a blogger, but I filled out the press credentials form and used "Lassiter Space" and BlueJersey as my "media organization." So I can get into all the press conferences and get some good access throughout the day. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. ME?? PRESS CREDENTIALS?? If I play my cards right maybe I'll be hangin' with Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, sharing a Remy Martin? Or is that too ambitious?

Anyway, I am bringing a digital recorder tomorrow to the Big Apple. It'll be archiving and, of course, blogging with pictures and interviews.

ABOVE: Manchester, UK, JAMES THORNE, British Army tank commander & Northern Ireland Vet, shows his "Full Monty" to passers-by as he speaks out against the war!
I suspect there will be many such characters at tomorrow march, which will culminate with a big ol' party in Foley square from 1-6pm. (see map)

Tomorrow's forcast is for a picture perfect day! And ending the Iraq Was is a good enough reason as any. Interested? Then join us!


Phats said...

That's cool that you got a press pass using your blogger, who you would have thought it. Best of luck in your efforts.

Evansville huh? I am surprised you wanted to move haha.

Anonymous said...

Cool press credentials. Have a great time being surrounded by all those like minded people.

I will be looking forward to your coverage of the event!