Saturday, December 10, 2005

Remembering John Lennon

"We all shine on........"


Adam Lassiter said...

He made great music that will live forever but other than that, what did he ever do that was constructive?? Another example of a musican trying to change the world.. when they should just write and sing... very similar to Clinton's music career.. stay with politics:)


Peter Lien said...

Words do not change the world - people do - one at a time. To create a sea change one must start with a single act - like Rosa Parks, or Lewis Hine. John Lennon was a peace poet who wrote stirring words that brought many people to action just like Lewis Hine helped to end child labor in the United States with his photographs. In my book anyway, John's words sparked peace in people and I truly believe that his work was constructive and inspiring.

Anonymous said...

I miss him, too.