Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Police State

To the Editor:
We have a government that engages in secret domestic spying by presidential decree; monitors personal library use; maintains secret prisons for unidentified prisoners held without recourse; engages in abusive treatment (if not torture) of prisoners; plants propaganda articles in domestic and foreign media; and formulates its domestic agenda based upon fundamentalist religious principles. It sounds more like governments that we are seeking to reform, and not the ideal we purport to represent.
Donald M. Millinger
Philadelphia, Dec. 19, 2005

I happen to know the guy who wrote this in yesterday's Times. I'm not sure I could say it better, so in this case, I'll just paraphrase. (Thanks Don!) And thanks to fellow peace activist Monique Fruglier for the eerie photograph taken earlier this month at the Bush-outta-Philly rally.


Anonymous said...

Well said and Yikes

Anonymous said...

Absolutely right on. I have thought this for some time. Glad that the media is finally waking up and taking a stab at it.
Jay- good luck with recycling efforts for Starbucks. Don't give up yet.

Parr said...

how simplistic and trite. what a grand effort. who helped him with it?