Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Police Thuggery at Philly Anti-Bush Rally/UPDATE

I posted an entry yesterday about the cops running roughshod on the crowd that assembled to protest Bush's speech in Philadelphia. It appears that the incident got more coverage in the Deleware press than it did here locally. Here is another link to a bit-piece that appeared in today's Inquirer http://www.philly.com/... It turns out that witnesses to incident were a-plenty, and the media even got some pics of the dust-up. I was also contacted my the lawyers guild in Philly and I am assisting their efforts to work out a legal solution for the family involved.

Now having said that, I can not shake the image of a helpless mother's face, watching in horror as her sons got beat up by the cops. I think about what I'd feel like if my mom had to bear witness as my brother and I were senselessly beaten by the police. Seriously folks, it almost makes me want to cry. I always fancied myself a thick-skinned, seasoned, battle-hardened activist but this incident has reminded me this it's my hyper-sensitivity to social justice that serves as my primary moral compass.


Destardi said...

Amen man.

Everyday people who just go live their lives like sheeple, and don't wanna rock the boat as long as they have money in the bank, have no idea of the damage they do by ignoring these things.

Until they themselves run the slightest amok, then experience police abuse for themselves. We're militarizing the police..a civilian law agency.

Mikyeil said...

In The Name of The Best Creator

just thought i'd reiterate a few words, forgive me if you've already read the attached thoughts on the last post...thank you to jay for taking the time to document and provide links for the Truth-seekers. great headline too...Yes, everyone, the "police thuggery" is buggin' me

In The Name of The Most Beneficient

first,i would like to express appreciation to all people who have supported The Truth. due to pending judicial scuffles, i will not go much into specifics about the incident described; when a pee-colored liquid is used by a group as excuse for blatant human rights violations against members of another group, as indicated in reports including this one, believe there is something sinister on hand. dunno how they will try to use my words against me in this instance; yet, by being black and attacked i am presented with the choice: to speak out or shut up, to stand down or get up, to hold tea (ha!) or hic-cup, my heroes have proved
They may grab minors and give out shiners, use undercovers to terrorize mothers, beat bros outside of bistros
big shout out to kevin (which is a way of acknowledging your comments;excuse me if i seem just a bit fearful of misunderstandings-last one got me a cheese sandwich and a brutal beatdown)look closer: angle of head tilt indicated i was socked, dontcha think? if not, i aint mad at ya-you didn't punch me!
Copyright 2005 mikyeil el-mekki

Anonymous said...

I'm a fairly recent transplant (about 14 months) from Lower Bucks
living out here in LA. Thanks for the update. I try to keep up with Philly events but things like this definitely slip past the radar screen. It's good tosee that Philly'sPhinest haven't changed. I never could figure out why they called it the City of Brotherly Love. Maybe it was true back in the 18th and 19th centuries. I grew up in and around Philly and I saw some of the worst examples of bigotry, racism and violence anywhere. Right up until the day I left I lived right next door to a guy who referred to all blacks as niggers all the time. I've been all over the country including the south and I can tell you for sure that alot of the people in the DV are beyond lost. I was so glad to get out of there. It will always be my true home and I love the city itself by the way. It's no picnic here but if you're an openminded progressive person, the west coast beats Philly by a landslide.
Blog on,

Anonymous said...

I remember watching a phalanx of Philly's Finest fanning out worshipfully around his statue during the RNC and gazing lovingly at it, like Falangists at a shrine to Mussolini.

"Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." -Benjamin Franklin

by Septic Tank on Tue Dec 13

jay lassiter said...

a statue of frank rizzo i presume?